I’m Paul and I’m the sculptor at Creative Sculpt Studio Ltd and the mind behind the miniatures you will see here…

I started sculpting a couple of years ago after an absence from the “Hobby” of 27 years! I loved painting miniatures as a kid and creating dioramas, making giant mushrooms, skulls and converting my minis into the weird and warped spectacles of my imagination.

DUNGEON FIENDS starter set #1
DUNGEON FIENDS starter set #1

So, recently I found myself drawn back into the “Hobby” as it were and realised that I really enjoyed pushing putty and set myself the goal of getting better at it and then earning a living from it, so now I create the things I see in my head and people pay me to create the things they see in theirs!

So, if your interested in getting a piece done please don’t hesitate to contact me! I work in a range of different scales, styles and genres – from Steampunk -Horror, Oldhammer -sci-Fi, classic Fantasy – Fairy tales, bespoke one-offs -entire ranges, Dragons – Giants, War Machines and Familiars… pretty much any and all ideas however weird or cool except historical and military. Scales range from 6mm/10mm/12mm/15mm/28mm/54mm/75mm/90mm and bigger!

Gorgaxx the Mighty
Gorgaxx the Mighty – a gigantic three headed Dragon

I’ve set up this website to sell lots of my own ideas in glorious white metal (and resin!) and you will be able to find and buy an ever expanding range of different themed miniatures for tabletop gaming and painting.

I’ve made them in mind for painters, collectors and for tabletop gamers. Some however, are more random ideas that I have had and just wanted to make one and range from 35mm, 6mm, limited runs, resin as well as pewter – right on up to 90mm and bigger!

There will also be the occasional polymer clay/greenstuff one-off for sale – these are again, usually something I’ve wanted to make and went ahead with out any thought for production and therefore just good for a collector who would like to own and paint an original sculpt.

“Greens” for the mould maker and caster – the beginnings of a future range of Familiars with the smallest being 14mm and the largest being 21mm..

As you can see, I have no shortage of ideas ( the minis above took a week to make with more on the way!) which is the driving force behind this move into making my ideas come to life – I do hope you will enjoy the miniatures as more and more will become available over time.


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