A small selection of The Dark Hollow miniatures painted… 

Chaos Goblins

Gorgaxx the Mighty

Ratman and Mutant gravedigger

Sentient Slime, Mutant Bugman and Hobgoblin

New Minions set 2
New Minions set 2

Gorgaxx the Mighty – alternative colour scheme … available soon

Tomb Mummy
Tomb Mummy – the desiccated Undead

Bug Bear warrior
Bug Bear warrior – medium sized Bugbear dweller of the Dark Hollow

coming soon – The adventurers!

Goruk WyrdMoon King of the Chaos Goblins
Goruk WyrdMoon -Chaos Goblin King on his Throne of Woe, mounted on his Giant Chaos Battle Slug! a Large 5 part resin piece of the WyrdMoon Tribes King -ornate Chaos Moon Armour, Rune Sword,

Chaos troll

The Usurper!
The Usurper! an Oldhammer inspired alternative leader to your Chaos War Band

Grundst von Eckles
Grundst von Eckles – raging Chaos Blemmye and beast handler

Mini Chaos Champion
Mini Chaos Champion with Demonic Sword

Chaos Minotaur with Arcanr prosthetic

Chaos Minotaur Standard Bearer

Dwarf Giant Slayer
Dwarf Giant Slayer

Undead Champion, Evil Totem and Plague familiar


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