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Hello All!

Welcome to “Dungeon Fiends”!

Here we have a selection of Monsters to get your tabletop RPG or Dungeon crawl started – these selection of miniatures is based on the wonderful short scenarios of the classic Heroquest and DnD games that entertain us and make us happy.

Ever wish you could just buy a random set of minis like in the OLD Days for not a lot? well this is my answer! My first (of many) affordable sets of miniatures based on random and themed critters, creatures and miscreants!

Why not set up an easy game without worrying too much about what to include – just randomly add these to your narrative for plundering those Ruins!… or Encounter them on your Crawl through a Dungeon? Dare you stay the Night at the Haunted Inn?


As you can see these can be used above or below ground or for just about anything.

Included in the Set are as follows….

CAVE TROLL! 43mm in height

A Cave Troll! A smelly and moderately challenging Foe, this blighter is vicious but stupid. Wearing minimal armour (mostly pilfered from the dead) and armed with a crude studded Club as well as being pretty strong (not just his body odour!) – and his teeth are rather nasty too.

Sentient Slime and Zombie Pikeman 28mm
Giant mutant Snail and Undead Peasant 28mm
Mutant Bugman and Wraith 28mm
Cave Troll and Hobgoblin 43mm and 28mm
THE WHOLE GANG – 8 white metal miniatures – approx. 125 grams. Cast by Griffin Moulds JJP Ltd

A Wraith! Guarding a Crypt filled with Treasure… there could be Magic Amulets or weapons in that Sarcophagus so … give it a poke! Weak to Holy Water and Blessed items this gloomy Spectre is still a challenge! so stock up before you go off Adventuring.

Giant Mutant Snail! A Monstrous Gastropod with two heads – one to see with, the other to munch with… Not only does it have some pretty hefty teeth but also is well armoured with its really hard shell. Although relatively slow in movement it is rather silent and hard to see in the dark. Check those corners before waltzing around those dank, dark dungeon tunnels!

Zombie Pikeman! a reanimated Guardsman from some long forgotten Lords retinue … continuing his duty in Death as he did in Life… That Pike has a long reach and although he’s rotting away he can still mindlessly run you through with it! And he has no fear, so prepare for a relentless attack.

HobGoblin! A sneaky character, he loves stalking and waiting to ambush the unwary traveller or Adventurer – and quite an adept fighter if conrnered! Armed with a nasty looking Scimitar and large round shield – with minimal armour this cunning foe is also quick!

Undead Peasant! This poor schmuck must of been part of a Necromancers attempts at raising the Dead. To which, said necromancer was pretty successful only it seems to have wandered off by itself… and found itself in your Dungeon!

Sentient Slime! An imposing pile of Goo that seems pretty angry about something… perhaps its misunderstood because of his dripping and gelatinous appearance? Quite smart if a bit antisocial. But, who cares!! Kill it with Fire!

Mutant Bugman! A nobleman originally, decked out in fine trousers and shiny armour with nice boots – this hapless soul must’ve been Cursed or something… or perhaps he was poking around with things he ought not of? All thats importnat now is that he wants to cover things with a digestive saliva and eat your soft parts. With Large hook like claws, the ability to hover and dart around annoyingly, dont let him pin you down or your Bug Food!

Well there you have it folks, my latest contribution to world of Tabletop Gaming and miniature painting – a Basic affordable starter set for your games.

As its Christmas (almost) i thought this year would be a good opportunity to offer a free extra miniature to all backers in the Early Bird Promotion and the first 30 backers of the regular set. It’ll be a Secret Santa Surprise mini at no extra cost AND ALL POSTAGE COSTS ARE ABSORBED IN THE ONE PRICE OF THE PLEDGE – NO EXCEPTIONS – NO EXTRA CHARGES…. which essentially means your paying much less than £30 for the actual minis!

What you pledge for is what you pay in total – with the ever fluctuating and changing shipping  costs to all the different parts of the world (which, lets face it, is an absolute nightmare) im making it easy for backers to just get what they want.

ALSO, the moulds and casts are already done for this set – so all we’ll need is to know your address details and the amount of miniatures to get cast.

Hopefully All this has made your decision resolute and committed and you will be backing this creative project and eagerly looking forward to receiving them!

Have a great Christmas!

Best Wishes


Risks and challenges

Ive minimised risks for fulfilment by already getting all the moulds done and paid for prior to launch of this campaign. Griffin Moulds JJP Ltd have done outstanding work on several previous KS for me with no problems at all. If, however, the unexpected arises and there is a delay or issue I will resolve this with Griffin as quickly as possible as well as keep you, the backers, apprised of any changes in status.

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Environmental commitments

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Reusability and recyclability

I often re-use packing materials to ship orders and pledges

Sustainable materials

most of my shipping boxes are cardboard and recyclable

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