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LATEST UPDATE – the “Zombies!!Hordes of the Liche Master!!” kickstarter is now live and doing very well!

The Funding goal was achieved in about 25 minutes and the early bird option has more than paid for the production of the minis. The moulds are being made now and should be well underway to getting our first masters back.

At present we are 1225% (£3676) funded, if we can reach the princely sum of £7000 I will make another smaller set which will include more Undead and scenery to go with the current campaign! About another 10 – 12 miniatures which can be added to your collection (price dependant on what exactly gets sculpted and added).

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To pledge and take advantage of the deals in the Kickstarter just follow the link below and choose from one of the options to reserve your UNHOLY ARMY!!!


ZOMBIES!! Hordes of the Liche Master!!

20 Oldhammer style Undead for your Tabletop skirmishes – includes lots of minis with character and The legendary Necromancer and his Skeletal Champion!


Available for a limited time only..


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