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Hi Everyone!

New Update. The KS has run really well, the pledges are all in, people have gotten double and extra sets! I also added a brand new set of 12 miniatures including alternative Necromancers, champions, some scenery, new characters, Mutant Henchmen, ghoulish Raiders and an Undead troll (this one I have ready for painting) – but essentially more ZOMBIES!!

These will be available to buy via this webshop very soon! All minis will be available to buy singularly and as a set – and theres 32 of them, more than enough to get your Undead Army on the move and a perfect addition to your, possibly, already existing Oldhammer Army! OR if your not into gaming, great minis just to paint and enjoy (and I wish I had more time to paint all these…)!

Heres a pic of Edwin the Barkeep – the Zombie with a broken neck and possibly Dysentery …

I look forward to seeing your painted versions!

best wishes


Edwin the Undead Barkeep
Edwin the Undead Barkeep – broken neck and Dysentery


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