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Im excited to announce the latest KS from Creative Sculpt Studio Ltd – the long awaited expansion of Minions and Familiars is now LIVE and there is an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR A FEW DAYS ONLY!

17 new minis – all very different from the first range of Minions – Take a peek and get your pledge in now!

First up (left to right) Possessed Patches, Demonic Fish (Ian Miller inspired), Winged Clockwork Familiar, an Imp with a Magic paintbrush and a Wood Golem disguised as a chair!

Next is Wooden Mannequin with hatchet, Demonic Cauldron, Miniature Half Ogre Thug, Tin Man with Chainsaw and a Creepy animated Doll!







Then we have a new MoonFaced Horror, a Wind Sprite, Scroll Bearing Minion, Kufoohoo and a Gnome Alchemist!






Aaannd the two Miscreants that make good use of these Toadies – The Horned Warlock and The Haggard Witch


All have been sculpted by me and will be available in white metal produced and manufactured by the very professional Griffin Moulds JJP.


17 minis in total and a bigger expansion on the original 13 – there is a stretch goal… if we can reach £4000 then I will sculpt another 10 minis to make available as an ADD-ON for an extra £15 –  to add to the current early bird pledge of £25 for the new 17 minis pictured above!

I hope to see you guys there!

please click on the link to look and pledge








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