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Beasts of Chaos Kickstarter is now finished!

The campaign was successful and completed at 545% – so, a Big Thank You to all that pledged – the resin moulds are made and the metal moulds are on their way.

As soon as the pledges have been shipped to the backers I will make these miniatures available via the website – people will still have a chance to buy a full set as that was a popular option or singularly!

The JabbaWokki also proved to be very popular as a reward as did the Beastmen – the beastmen will be available in both metal and resin as will several other minis – the JabbaWokki will be available in resin.

Im planning on making these all available by Christmas in case anyone missed out on the KS.

Come and take a look at the fantastic deals you can get only on the Kickstarter..

Update soon….

Happy Painting!


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