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Hi Peeps!

Pleased to announce the launch of my Lates Kickstarter project …. “Gorgaxx the Mighty and the Dark Hollow Delvers!”

Gorgaxx is a 3-headed Dragon over 200mm in length and 105mm in height – a huge 7 part resin mini! The dark Hollow Delvers are a new Starter set of 6 Adventurers + a Pack mule!

The project was fully funded in 15mins – but its early! So take this opportunity to make use of the considerable EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT on either the individual sets or both combined!

Heres some pics of what’s on offer!










As you can see the Adventurers are all done as well as Gorgaxx himself –

the adventurers consist of a Wizard, a female Elven Ranger, a female Knight, a female Barbarian, a stout Dwarf and a Halfling Thief (and Nev the pack Mule) – all ready to explore and do battle on their adventures!!

Go! Explore! Pledge! and collect these treasures for yourselves!

Best wishes


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